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Who is "Kubwa"

Kubwa is my "fursona". An alter ego which represents me in the furry fandom. After over ten years of improving the character, he became an very important part of my life. The character Kubwa comes to life trought illustrations, 3D renderings and as fursuit.

My fursona is a heavy muscular ArLiCo or German Shepherd Dog, depending on my mood. In his universe, he is a teenager and in a homosexual relationship.

What is "Furry"

Furry describes a group of people who are interested in anthropomorphic animals within art, media, texts and acting. Some furries own a "Fursuit" to wear and live act as their own created characters.

What i can do

I'am not a singer, dancer or artist. But i can talk to computers and build electronic stuff. If you need your own website for your fursuit business, your art or just for fun, if you need some electronic parts for your fursuit, feel free to contact me.


I'am a fursuiter and performing at furry conventions and fursuit walks in germany and europe. There are two different fursuits i wear, Felix the lynx and Kubwa my fursona. On this map you will see which events i have and will attend to.

Conventions i will attend to Conventions i will maybe attend to Conventions i went to in the past

Maker & Scripter

I'am a scripter and programmer since my childhood. I started with Quick Basic in school and learned a lot more languages over time.

Now i made my hobby to my profession and working in SAP and web devolopment. My daily business is to connect the real world machines with the digital world of computers.

This allowes me to work in both worlds, the real one and the digital. And this knowledge is being used for me private projects...

Need anything electronic, computer related or your own website? Contact me!


Alexander Gatzemeier
Schenefelder Holt 135
22589 Hamburg


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